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Sponsored by: Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

To the WPI Community:

WPI is committed to supporting a more sustainable environment and lifestyle here on campus. To this end, we joined, a service which will provide WPI employees and students with a free carpool matching service. This partnership offer WPI's commuters a cost efficient and environmentally sound transportation alternative.

How does this program work?

Go to and click on the "Sign Up!" button to set up a personal account. Participants must use a valid e-mail address and will be asked to enter "Trip Origin" information and work location information. Once confirmed, participants will be able to view matches and contact other viable carpoolers by phone or e-mail.

How do I know my privacy is being protected?

Please see's terms of use for commitments, limitations, and advice concerning safety and privacy. strives to keep your information private and does not send spam. Registrants have the option to provide telephone contact information, or just e-mail information.

How easy is this system to use?

Once you have created your account, you are free to search the site for other commuters who want to carpool. You may search for those who live close to you, who have similar schedules, or who have similar driving preferences. If you are interested in carpooling with someone, simply click the provided link to send them an e-mail, or call them if they provide a phone number, and from there you are free to make arrangements that suit you both. The site also includes advanced features to search for carpools and to display the matches on a map, as you wish.

Please Note: WPI does not represent the credentials of any participant; partakers are responsible for their own personal safety.

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