About US

The EMcarpoolClub is an employee volunteer organization that promotes and facilitates carpooling in a safe and secure way. To make it easier to find persons with a similar commute we have set up this free carpool matching service! The EMcarpoolClub is a private community dedicated and accessible for EM members only. Join us and enjoy the multiple benefits that carpooling can provide. This service is Global and accessible for all EM employees and contractors. We encourage you to share this with your colleagues around the world! As more people register, we will all benefit from having a larger and flexible carpool! .

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How does this program work?

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Click on the "Join us and start carpooling!" button to the right to set up your personal account. You must use your work e-mail address. You will be asked to enter your departure location (where you wish to meet your carpool), you will then select your desired destination from the list displayed. After you confirm your e-mail account, you will be able to view your matches and contact the other commuters in the EMcarpoolClub.

Please see our terms of use for carpoolworld.com's commitments, limitations, and advice concerning safety and privacy. Carpoolworld.com strives to keep your information private and does not send spam.

How easy is this system to use?

Once you have created your account, you are free to search the site for other commuters who want to carpool. You may search for those who live close to you, who have similar schedules, or who have similar driving preferences. If you are interested in carpooling with someone, simply click the provided link to send them an e-mail, or call them if they provide a phone #, and from there you are free to make arrangements that suit you both.

Carpooling will help you to commute more efficiently, offload the roads and reduce your CO2 footprint, while you can save at the same time on your transportation, toll way and parking expenses and expand your social network within your company! For more information about the EMcarpoolClub, FAQ, Carpool Best Practices and Our Latest Newsletter, search "carpool" on the intranet.

Contact: jason.t.kosmann@exxonmobil.com

Membership of the EMcarpoolClub is free ! However to sustain EMcarpoolClub, we need donations. In case you benefit from our service or like our cause, please consider to donate a small amount to the EMcarpoolClub. This link provides more information how you can donate and how we use your donations.