CarpoolWorld REST API


CarpoolWorld brings people together for ridesharing, using a pioneering search engine that matches individuals based on their trip origins and destinations, anywhere on the planet. The CarpoolWorld API gives developers access to the web site's essential functions to create trips, find matches, and contact potential travel partners. The API is developed using the RESTful style. Responses are formatted in XML.

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To get started with the creation of a mobile/web/desktop app that taps into the CarpoolWorld data:

  1. Request in one step a developer account with an associated carpool group to identify you to CarpoolWorld as a developer. You will receive a confirmation email with your partner_name and partner_key.
  2. Create your application using our RESTful API
  3. Tell us about your app so that we can publicize it on our page

The CarpoolWorld software requires that a trip record is created in order to retrieve a list of matches and contact other travelers, the process is a follows:

  1. Create a user/trip record using the "Trip create" specifications
  2. To change a user/trip record using the "Trip change" specifications
  3. To delete a user/trip record using the "Trip status" specifications
  4. Retrieve matches for a specific user/trip record using the "Trip match" specifications
  5. Contact matches for a specific user/trip record using the "Trip contact" specifications


Trip create

MethodResource URLDescription
POSTrest_trip.htmlCreates a new trip in the database, creates the user if this is the first trip for the user

Trip list

MethodResource URLDescription
POST or GETrest_trip_list.htmlReturns a list of trips for a given user

Trip change

MethodResource URLDescription
POSTrest_trip.htmlModifies a trip in the database.

Trip status

MethodResource URLDescription
POSTrest_trip_status.htmlChanges the trip status in the database. The trip can be activated, removed or set to be expired

Trip match

MethodResource URLDescription
POST or GETrest_match.htmlReturns a list of matches for a given user/trip combination

Trip contact

MethodResource URLDescription
POSTrest_email.htmlSends an email communication from a traveler/trip to another traveler/trip