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My friend and I are looking for a fun ride to Vero Beach, Florida. We are from Brazil and currently living in Michigan.
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Im friendly, laid back when meeting new people but get to know me and I'll sing to Bohemian Rhapsody along with you ! If you're a bit reserved then i understand, i'll mirror that. Either way I'll respect your privacy and personality. I love to travel and if you'd like to share your experiences, i'll gladly listen or tell you some of mine if you're interested. Side notes, im a frequent napper, so if you need someone to keep you awake during the ride like some people need a distraction from falling asleep or to just avoid boredom then just tell me and ill try my best. Other than all of this, i love music of all kinds from almost every country. Bollywood, kpop, Tibetan throat singing ? Not a problem at all, blast away !
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