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November 20 11:45pm
One-Time Trip (One way)
Trajet ponctuel
Wed 9pm
Regular Schedule (One way)
#carpool #vanpool #walk #cycle
34 year old female artist looking for a ride to visit old friends.
#carpool #vanpool #walk #cycle #masstransportation
I am staying outside bridgewater at the moment but looking to move in early/mid-october. I probably have a plan for staying in Québec City but plans are flecible to change based on if I find an affordable way to travel somewhere else! I am very flexible in terms of timing, have my own tent and gear for camping. I have next to no plans yet and am looking for opportunities to come up so i have an idea of if I will actually try to make it to montreal. simply could use a ride anywhere in this direction.
In a carpool/vanpool, I'm I mind my own business, I prefer to read the newspaper, Shy at first, but warm up quickly
Interests: Arts, Community service, Cooking, Crafts, Dancing, Gardening, Outdoor activities, Photography, Playing music, Reading, The environment, Travel
#carpool #vanpool #taxishare
Mon Tue Wed Fri 9am
Regular Schedule (One way)
I need share ride two sites on 24th july from Moncton to Montreal ( if you can find return it will be better on 28th July thanks
January 31 9am
One-Time Trip (Return)

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