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October 20 9am
One-Time Trip (One way)
Driver or passenger
Flexible (One way)
how to travel to los angelos without budget
Flexible (One way)
Fri 10am - 11:45pm
Regular Schedule (Return)
Volswagen Transporter ,7 seats with tow for baggage.

New Carpool 2003 Volkswagen 7 Seats available
Pick up from Shumen. Drop off in Romania, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany. 150€ per person
Flexible (Return)
Preferably south of Germany. Any country from the itinerary: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Austria. Fixed price, shared after I am contacted. Only individuals, families, or organized groups up to 3 people. Ford Focus, wagon. Four years old car. I speak english and romanian.

New Carpool 2018 Ford 3 Seats available
Flexible (One way)

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