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#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette #partageruntaxi
sam dim 8am - 3pm
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#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette #partageruntaxi #télétravail #transportsencommun
#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette #partageruntaxi #transportsencommun
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ven 6:30pm - 5pm
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My job keeps me in OC during the week then I drive to Phoenix on the weekends returning to OC Sunday night. Looking for someone to share the ride with. Typically leaving OC Friday afternoon. Looking to share Venmo gas costs. My car is an ‘05 Mercedes e320 in good shape.
lun mar mer jeu ven sam dim 9am
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I live in OC and my mother lives in Bullhead,AZ. Looking for a ride home for her sometime between 09-30-19 and 10-4-19. I’ll cover gas
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Leaving time and return time is open Happy to drive or catch a ride
#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette

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