Carpool Regina to North Bay Ontario Canada

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June 1 9am
One-Time Trip (One way)
Mon Thu Sun 8am - Noon
Regular Schedule (Return)
#carpool #vanpool
#carpool #vanpool
#carpool #vanpool
Mon Tue Thu Fri 9am
Regular Schedule (One way)
Flexible (One way)
I can share the costs, and can also take turns driving.
In a carpool/vanpool, I'm Good listener
Language(s) spoken: English, Vietnamese
Interests: Gaming
Sense of humor is usually: Friendly

Total savings

9,822,248 Cars off the road

50,113,508 mt CO2

5,647,161,148 Gallons

21,376,830,332 Liters

113,236,030,800 Miles

182,235,726,821 Kilometers

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