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Gennaio 3 9am
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I'm heading home for Thanksgiving and would like to leave either Tuesday or Wednesday of that week (so 11/26 or 27). I marked nonsmoker because while I do smoke occasionally (like once a month or so), I don't HAVE to stop and smoke. I will happily ride in a smoker's car as long as if you're smoking while driving, the window is open. I don't have to stop and pee every five minutes. You want chatter and music and entertainment? cool. You want peace and quiet? I can do that too. I can't drive a stick though, so if you need me to take a turn, that's a factor. I'm heading for Manteca, but I also have ties to San Francisco, so as long as you can get me to BART that'd work. Sacramento would also work if you just weren't coming down far enough.
lun mar mer gio 9am
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lun mar mer gio ven sab 9am
Pendolarismo settimanale (Senso unico)
Hi, I need to travel from Seattle to arcata, we are two people, me and my girlfriend. We have two big backpacks and 2 little backpacks
Really need a ride with someone. I'm in Eugene area and trying to get anywhere from Redding ,eureka, willits...depending on it route. I'll go to Sacramento or San fran

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