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Hello world. :)) My name is Zay, I'm an artist/musician on my way to Kerrville FolkFestival and I can't seem to find a ride.. would be so grateful if somebody was going that way, & could help me get to this amazing folk festival so I can go volunteer and be a part of the team which I am already scheduled to do. I only have a little bit of money, but can also bring treats & am a wonderful passenger, and also an advanced astrologer (just got back from an astrology conference in Florida! ;)) as well, and can do personal/family therapy & forecasting as well. ☘️ Hoping to find someone friendly & adventurous who loves this beautiful country and might be cruising that way. :) Thank you, GodBless+
#carpool #vanpool
#carpool #vanpool
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lun mar mer gio ven 9am - 7pm
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