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I’m in a Masters program at Simmons that requires me to be in Boston Monday afternoon/evening every week. I live in Easthampton but could easily get to Amherst or Northampton. I was supposed to be getting a car this month but have to wait a bit longer, so I’m looking for a temporary solution!
I used to live in the Boston area and I still have clients in Boston and need to go there periodically. I dont have any specific times I have to go, I just go when it is convenient or fits in with my schedule. If someone needs to go to Boston, I can plan and trip and go there. So rather than me telling you when I am going to Boston, you tell me when you need to go to Boston. I am also in the towns of Brookline and Watertown and can drop you off at your destination depending on where in the Boston area. I am reasonable with the cost, asking $50 to help with gas and tolls.
I am a Smith college faculty. Commute twice a week between Arlington/Boston and Northampton. Typically leave for Northampton on Monday and Thursday around 8:00 am and return to Arlington on Wednesdays/Fridays around 4:00 pm.
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#carpool #vanpool #taxishare

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