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Flexible (Return)
Visiting my relatives in Stockholm and visiting the country.
February 25 6pm
One-Time Trip (One way)
Driver or passenger
Flexible (One way)
Hi! Due to a legal issue specifically in Germany (I'm moving from Amsterdam and had cannabis in my system from when I smoked a tiny bit several days ago, which is apparently an issue here despite the fact that I am and have been fully sober for days) so I am not allowed to drive in Germany until after midnight but I really don't want to wait here for that long, so I'm looking for someone who can drive the first 60km of the trip, then when we're in Denmark I can take over the driving. Can drop you anywhere along the way. Would be great if we could share some of the costs (I'll pay most regardless) but if you can't afford to then I can live with that as long as you can help get me out of Germany! :) I'm at this Shell station: Shell A7 Huttener Berge Ost, Alt Duvenstedt, Germany You will need to meet me here since the cops need to hand back my keys and will only do that to another driver (or I'll have to wait until there are no traces what so ever of THC in my test). You can choose the music, it's up to you if you want a smoking or non-smoking ride and furthermore you may choose a gift from a few different options (value roughly 500SEK/€50). I hope this very generous offer will make up for having to meet me here and on such short notice – the keys will arrive in just over 2 hours according to plan and someone needs to be here then. Please let me know ASAP, call is preferred! //Johan Andersson
#carpool #vanpool #masstransportation
Flexible (Return)
Thu Fri 6am - 3pm
Regular Schedule (Return)
I am driving on regular basis from CPH to Billund. at least once per week. Normally Sunday from CPH to Bllund , and back on Thursday from Billund to CPH. Ideally I am looking for carpooling partners with same travel rythm. if there are space, Non-smoking passengers are welcome, with spliting transport cost.

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