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July 10 2pm
One-Time Trip (One way)
Hi, we are hoping to find a ride to Leibniz or Graz after our hut to hut! Wouldn't actually care what time we left- but would be very happy for a more expedient way to get there!
Flexible (One way)
Driver or passenger
Flexible (One way)
Looking to get to Corfu from England via cars/ferries. Can set off from Monday 6th June 6pm onwards then any date up to the 9th of June. Can leave from and U.K city and doesn't have to be to Corfu can be as far as Venice or Thessaloniki. I have driven from Amsterdam to Venice before. I'm going to work the summer season in Corfu so anybody heading abroad to do similar things?
Driver or passenger
Flexible (Return)
Non-experienced driver looking for experienced driver for a trip Nederlands - Romania. I can also drive a max of 5 hrs / day, the rest is for the other party. One night rest, no continuous drive. I do not smoke, so I cannot drive with someone who smokes. I do not sing, so I cannot drive with someone who sings. I dont eat and drive, I ask the same. I dont drink (water) and drive, I ask the same. Hygiene is important, no smelly partners. We can use my car or your car, it can be discussed later.
In a carpool/vanpool, I'm Backseat driver, Good listener, I prefer to drive in peace
TV watching habits are: Movies
Language(s) spoken: English
Interests: Religion / spirituality
Sense of humor is usually: Obscure

New Carpool 2 Seats available
#carpool #vanpool
July 6 2pm
One-Time Trip (One way)
#carpool #vanpool #masstransportation
Flexible (One way)
Travel with small, extremely friendly dog.

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