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lun mar mer jeu ven sam dim 9am - 5pm
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#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette #marcher #transportsencommun
lun mar mer jeu ven 8am - 4:15pm
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Hi I'm looking to see other options. Other than public transportation during covid times. Trains are getting more and more crowded. Alo need to know if I would save economically.
#covoiturage #partageruntaxi
lun mar jeu ven sam 9am - 7pm
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I need the ride everyday to work
lun mar mer jeu ven 7:30am
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Hi, I'm a resident of Staten Island who lives near exit 7 in the SI expressway. I'm a teacher and work on the UES of NYC. I plan to depart from SI btw. 610-6:30am so that I can rendezvous with carpoolers and take the Express lane into NYC via the Hugh Carey tunnel (Battery tunnel). I can drop off at the SI ferry/Wall Street area or along the FDR corridor up to East 70's.
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mer jeu ven sam dim 8am
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lun mar mer jeu ven 9am - 5pm
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