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#carpool #vanpool
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#carpool #vanpool
#carpool #vanpool
#carpool #vanpool
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Hello I am trying to hopefully find someone heading in the Sioux Falls, SD or Minneapolis area in the next few days. my Grandfather passed away last night and would like to get to Brookings SD to attend the service and get to say goodbye. And I would be able to help a little bit with some gas money along the way. But when or if i made it to Brookings I have a family member that could compinsate you for whatver amount we wpuld agree on. I can also explain more on my situation and all them details if you are actually heading that way. So please contact me if this can be a possibility. Amd then we can chat and hopefully be hitting the road. Thank you and I'll also add I am a very positive and easy gling person and very open minded and non judgmental and love a good converstation. And also I used to be a proffesional driver for many years so we coild take turms if you would like driving. I look forwarf to hearing from you. Thank you!!

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