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November 27 9am
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Hey there! My partner and I need to get to my family place in Minnetonka and we live in Chicago. Were big nerds, love podcasts, and Im a great cook and willing to make some food for the trip! Heads up I have asthma and can't be in a car with a dog or cat or one that a dog or cat frequents. Nore can I be in a car where smokers smoke frequently or there's heavy use of air fresheners (yes, even weed, or Vaping, both cause asthma tacks.)
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7:45am
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Looking for carpool from downtown Madison to Epic. Will chip-in for gas.
Thu 11pm - 4pm
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Employment status: Student Medical
In a carpool/vanpool, I'm Good listener, I mind my own business
TV watching habits are: I don't watch TV!
Interests: Arts, Cooking, Family, Health / fitness, Listening to music, Outdoor activities, Reading, Religion / spirituality, Travel
Sense of humor is usually: Clever / quick witted
Situation: Married
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