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mar mer jeu ven 8am - 5pm
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Hello, I'm looking to carpool with anyone in the Hunt Valley/ Sparks, MD area that might commute up to the Harrisburg area. Little about me, like the outdoors when I have the chance to hike or camp. Hope to find some people!
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lun mar mer jeu ven 9am - 5pm
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lun mar mer jeu ven 8:45am - 5pm
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lun mar mer jeu ven 8am - 5pm
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Hello, I am located in Sparks, MD and I've been making the long trek to Harrisburg for about a half a year and noticed a lot Maryland plates along the way. I'm fairly new to the area and figured it would be a good way to save on gas but also meet some people from the local area. I travel sometimes for work (at most once a month) but mostly have the same working hours.

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