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Thu Fri Sat Sun 6pm - 5am
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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 5:45pm - 2:45am
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I'm willing to go earlyer if needed and stay later if needed to accommodate
Mon Tue Thu Fri Sat 5pm - 3:30am
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Driver or passenger
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7:15am - 5pm
Regular Schedule (Return)
Creating new vanpool! Meet at Super Target in Hesperia. Leave at 6:25 am. Destination Downtown Riverside and corridor along 215. Inquire if this might work for you!

Vanpool Forming 7 Seats available
• We plan to arrive prior to 6:20 AM at the Super Target parking lot on Main St. in Hesperia Monday thru Friday. We leave at 6:20 AM without exception. We do keep a calendar in the van where we ask riders to log days they know they won’t be riding. We arrive at our first stop in Riverside generally about 7:10-7:15. • We usually leave our final stop in Riverside about 5:15 PM and get back to Hesperia anywhere between 5:55 and 6:15…depending on traffic. • Our drivers rotate daily…driving once and then riding until their turn rolls around again in three to five days. Though encouraged, there is no current requirement to be a driver, however there is an $9 a month fee over the monthly rate for the privilege of being a rider only. That amount is subject to a future increase. When the van runs low on gas the driver that day has to get gas with the van pool credit card. This is done just before or after the normal van pool commute hours. • Payment averages between $85-$135 a month, depending on gas prices and the number of current riders. A check is due the 1st of each month or you can pay online and provide proof of payment to the Vanpool Coordinator. I will generally have the upcoming month’s amount during the last week of the previous month. Anyone who bounces a check must make good on all outstanding charges and fees before they are allowed to continue to ride, and must provide a money order for their monthly payments from that point forward. There is no contract of any kind, just month-to-month. Since payments are sent in at the beginning of the month, there are no refunds if you leave the van pool before the end of the month. Everyone pays the same amount regardless of how often they ride. • We are a pretty easy-going group of men and women of varying age. Most riders either sleep, read, use their phones or tablets, converse, or just relax. There is no smoking on the van or loud music without earphones. Being a member of the vanpool is “at will,” and any rider can be dropped at any time, without refund, if they are deemed detrimental to the harmony of the overall ridership.

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