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Flexible (One way)
I am searching for my friend who has a dog so would need to be a pet friendly ride. He’s a little French bulldog, 12 years old & super sweet
October 5 11:45pm
One-Time Trip (One way)
Travelling from halifax to montreal-ottawa- next day(toronto) on 5th October from halifax
#carpool #vanpool #taxishare
#carpool #vanpool
Flexible (Return)
I have to be in Toronto between the 16th and the 20th, the rest is flexible. I don't really need a round trip plan, just getting there is the important thing for now!
#carpool #vanpool #taxishare #masstransportation
Flexible (Return)
Hello, I am looking for a return car-share from Halifax to TO. I need to be in TO for an event on July 19, but my dates are flexible (ie, we could travel up on the 15, 16, 17 etc.--we could travel back any time after the 19th, within a week or so). I am trying to get up there without flying (for environmental reasons) and the train is a bit expensive, so i am interested in checking out other possibilities. Would be amazing if something worked out! Thanks, Charlotte

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