Carpool El Cajon to Thunder Bay, Unorganized, Thunder Bay District Ontario Canada

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Flexible (Return)
I’m exploring the idea of sharing costs to visit my hometown.
#carpool #vanpool
Flexible (One way)
Hubby and I need a lift to handle family affairs in Indiana, but can be dropped in Chicago and take a train from there. He hates to fly and I just want to get there asap without putting miles on our truck or sharing a bus packed with people. We'll definitely keep you laughing the whole way seeings how I'm always right and he's... Well... He's cute.. I'll leave it at that.
#carpool #vanpool
Flexible (One way)
Just recovering from abusive relationship and received a low income housing apartment I live on a fixed income. To I have 4 bags and a emotional support puppy just can't afford the luggage and pretty fees
#carpool #vanpool #masstransportation
Flexible (One way)
me and my fiance came out here on a sort of vacationearly honeymoon lol and well long story short is we are a little strapped in cash to fly and Looking for someone to split gas and I have a license as well so I can help drive too just text me please my name's Jake and my fiances name is Brittany!!
#carpool #vanpool #taxishare

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