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Flexible (One way)
I will need room for one person ( myself ), as much space in the trunk for a decent amount of my belongings such as a computer tower, potentially 1-2 bags for cloths, and potentially 1-3 boxes of other random stuff that couldn't be put in storage. I have done this drive multiple times before and know it takes around 10-12 hours depending on traffic stops and other factors. I know with a decent mileage car you can get there on about 1 full tank of gas. I am willing to split costs of gas and even potentially pay for a fast food meal as well. The space for my things is not negotiable as I cannot store it or leave it behind and will need to bring it with me. If the stuff doesn't fit into the trunk alone I will request using some of the backseat area as well if necessary so you must consider this in how many people you are inviting. It may be best to not invite anyone else unless you are positive we have the space for it. If these terms sound reasonable please let me know asap as I will have to completely plan all my other stuff around this.
Flexible (Return)
Flexible (One way)
Hey I’m Will a traveller from England. I’m going East from Colorado (Boulder, Denver, surrounding cities) and would love a ride anywhere in this direction. Hit me up! This week :) preferably leave before the weekend
Driver or passenger
Flexible (Return)

In a carpool/vanpool, I'm The life of the party
TV watching habits are: Channel hopper, Game shows, Movies, Sitcoms, Sports Nut
Language(s) spoken: English
Interests: Gaming, Playing sports, Watching sports
Sense of humor is usually: Campy / cheesy, Dry / sarcastic, Friendly, Goofy, Slapstick
Situation: Single
Flexible (One way)
I am returning to Toronto area for work so the time frame is not important as long as I'm there beginning of May. Please text me if you are going that way

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