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Press release CarpoolWorld adds Disaster Recovery Planning to On­Line Rideshare Group Services

Today CarpoolWorld announced the launch of its new transportation emergency module in a  press release. This new module is available for organizations under the Premium Group membership.  Now, organizations can choose to pre-load their list of employees in the CarpoolWorld database and be ready for any disruption in transportation services, major events or office moves. The software pairs employees up for carpooling to a new location based on filtering criteria set by the carpool group administrator. See CarpoolWorld Adds Disaster Recovery Planning to On­line Rideshare Group Services

Exciting news from CarpoolWorld

We are very pleased to announce a new version of the CarpoolWorld web site using Responsive Design (, which we will activate on Sunday, August 3, 2014.
Responsive Design makes the web site easy to use on all screen sizes – smart phones and tablets as well as larger screens.
As of today all of our web pages provide a button at the left end of the menu bar that permits our users to view the new version of that page in our beta test environment.
Please take a look and send us a note if you have any questions or concerns!
Thank you for being our client and helping us to get the world into carpools.