Basic Carpool Group Features

Our carpool group plans offer the right features for every type of organization.

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The CarpoolWorld user process is completely self-serve.

The user interface is simple, visual, and intuitive.

We take care of all the software and hardware.

The application is compatible with all standard web browsers and mobile devices.

We respond to user support requests via email.

Administrative tools are provided for optional group management.


CarpoolWord generates automatic carpool match emails for your users according to their individual preferences.

Users are automatically deactivated after a determined time period if they do not log in or do not reply to email reminders.


Name your group and establish a dedicated carpooling web portal at

Upload custom logos, images, texts, and links for your portal page, banners and backgrounds. We will happily work with you to adapt the CarpoolWorld group settings for your needs.

Maintain your destinations list (office locations, campuses, meeting/game/event venues, park & ride sites, etc.). Define them once, and they appear in a list for your users to choose from when they register their journeys.

Configuration tools give you additional control over which fields are hidden, required or optional.


Users choose to match themselves only within your CarpoolWorld group or in the entire database whenever they want. The CarpoolWorld group default matching scope configuration sets this level of flexibility. For more privacy it can be configured to match only within your own CarpoolWorld group of users.

Membership may be restricted based on email domain (further ensures your CarpoolWorld group privacy).

Users indicate if they wish their trip to be visible to other users, or if they want to search only, but not be visible to other searchers.

Basic carpool groups are exclusive sponsors and their group pages do not show any third-party advertising.

Additional privacy features are available.

CarpoolWorld uses the latest SSL technology and advanced password encryption for increased security.


Users can log and analyze their commuting cost savings and commuting efficiency individually.

The commuting mode survey and statistical reporting module measures your organization's carbon footprint and commuting efficiency.

Analyze your group's transportation efficiency and carbon footprint over time and compared to regional statistics.

Manage the survey system to remind your users automatically to update their commuting schedule in line with your transportation efficiency program strategy.

See our commuting mode analysis!


Launched in 2000, CarpoolWorld continues to pioneer the fastest, most precise, and most informative worldwide rideshare trip matching technology. The founders of CarpoolWorld were awarded the first U.S. patent for scientific carpool trip matching in 2004.

We continue to develop new features to give commuters and other travelers the power and freedom to share their transportation.

We continue to design and develop new modules to faciliate ridesharing programs in all types of organizations.

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