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Free Standard Premium
Industry-leading ride matching technology.
Your own carpool group web portal.
Restrict group membership based on e-mail address domains, if desired.
Restrict matching only within your group, or allow matching with outside users.
Maintain a drop-down list of common origins and destinations.
Free support.
Exclusive sponsorship (no third-party advertising).
Enhance your group's portal page and banners with your logo, custom texts, images, and links.
Add your own carpool program documents as needed in addition to the standard CarpoolWorld terms-of-use.
Guaranteed-ride-home program module.
Additional configuration options to tune the system for your group, including social networking preferences.
Import and export membership data.
Add your own points of interest on the maps shown to your users.
Promote your carpool group using our Invitations module, with optional individual or group registration codes.
Automated periodic group activity reports.
Group pageview statistics.
Survey and report your users' commuting habits.
Analyze your group's transportation efficiency and carbon footprint over time and compared to regional statistics.
Free administrator support.
Send newsletters to your community to inform them about rules, rewards and your latest news.
Notify and organize your community immediately in the event of any planned or unplanned disruption to your normal transportation network or office locations.
Recommended for:

Public schools, clubs and neighborhood organizations Private schools and academies, businesses, other organizations, and institutions with fewer than 200 commuters Larger companies, hospitals, colleges and universities, and regional transportation authorities

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Now anyone can start a carpooling system for their friends, associates and community - for free!


$25/month per 1,000 users

Our low-priced Standard Carpool Groups include advanced features to personalize your carpooling system, manage your membership, and achieve your commuting efficiency and carbon footprint objectives.


Please contact us for pricing information

CarpoolWorld's Premium Carpool Groups include all of our standard features plus our ground-breaking transportation emergency module to issue mass notifications to your entire community at a moment's notice.