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Idanha A Nova

Hi, I arrive at madrid airport on 4 augustus @ 14:00 and would like to share a lift to Boom festival. you can contact met: 0031629242721 Cheers!
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Idanha A Nova

Hello: My twin brother and I are arriving at Madrid airport at 8/830pm. We are looking for transportation to Boom. We are 25 years old, easy to get along with and fun for the trip. We are Portuguese, South Africans travelling to boom.
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Idanha A Nova

Hi! We are two guys from Sweden who are staying in Madrid right now and would love to share a car to BOOM festival! We are fun to travel with and we can split the costs for the car ride. we will also offer you an epic dans show :) give me a call or send me and email. +46735404934
Lake Idanha Nova

hey there, we are two people from sweden who needs a lift to the boom festival. i have been driving a lot around in europe and have a driving licence but i dont have a car. So if anyone have space for two people or more, let me know! my email: phone nr: 0046700989846
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Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco

I go to the Boom festival (: It´s gonna be great!
Idanha A Nova

Wie are two austrian guys in Madrid going to boom Festival. If someones interested in sharing the Costs for the trip we are here we speak german english and a little spanish. We are already in Madrid if we go in 2,3 vor 4 doesnt really matter we are flexible we both have a driving license. Buscamos dos sientos de Madrid a idanha a nova. Podemos compartirla costas del viaje. Si vas en 2,3 o 4 de augosto es igual. Gracias por tu repuesta arturo
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Idnha A Nova

Hi boomers.. I am arriving to madrid on the 3rd 22:30 and planing to get to boom festival.. Looking to share some drive and costs.. directly after arriving the airport or in the 4rd morning. My email for contact:
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Idanha A Nova

HellO! Im landing tomorrow around 2 p.m madrid barajas and hoping to find a ride straight to idanha a nova
Idanha Nova

Me and my boyfriend have been robbed on our first day here in Barcelona. Everything got stolen, including our traintickets to the boom festival in idanha nova. On top of that we cant buy any affordable new tickets because of an strike in spain. We are in a big need of an lift headed to lissabon or even betther the festival in idanha nova. We are staying on camping tres estrellas in gava which is near barcelona. Please call us on +31630721589 or +31683235035 we can come anywhere near barcelona to leave with you. please help us! Greetings Rachelle
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Hi! We are two girls and would like to travel from Madrid Airport to Boom Festival (Idanha-a-Nova) on the 4th August 2014. Our plane lands at 3 pm in Madrid so we are ready to leave at 4:30-5 pm. We would split costs of course.
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We are one guy and two girls from Finland and we are looking for ride from Barcelona to Boom. We can leave 2. or 3. August (saturday, sunday). We can share petrol etc costs! Contact me: virta.pete(at)
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Castello Branco

We are three friendly people from Germany, looking for a ride to BOOM festival!
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Idanha A Nova

Hi, this is Enrique, from Madrid, Spain. i´m going to boom festival from madrid, on august, 4. I´d like to rent a car, i would need 1 sit, and i can drive, and of course, cost sharing and lots of smiles and good vibes :-). let´s enjoy.
Idanha A Nova

Hi, I will be at Barcelona airport on 6th at about 10, and would like to go to BOOM FESTIVAL :). I would like to go back on Sunday 10th bck to Barcelona. There are 2 options: 1. I will share the car, can drive and we will split the costs of fuel and rent, I think we can comfortably go with 5 people (with me). 2. I could join someone for this trip :)

booooom festival please take me thereeeee :))))))))
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Hey Folks I'm going to the BOOM Festival. I want to start Sunday the 3rd in the afternoon. So if you want to join me, let me know! I'm about to rent a small car, so i can offer 3 seats but i guess then we don't have any space for our luggage. I would prefer taking 2 people. my address: cocci.cocci[at]
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Boom Festival, Idanha A Nova

Howdy guys! :) I am a 23 year old male from England really in need of a lift from Madrid to share with a fellow boomer(s)! I arrive on the 3rd at midnight but can wait until the 4th if that is more convenient for you. Very happy to split the fare and enjoy the carpooling with awesome people!! my email address is and mobile phone number 07572145287. I look forward to hearing from y'all. Peace x
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