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octobre 20 4pm
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octobre 20 11am
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Driving over to L.A. this coming Sunday, October 20. Can take up to 3 passengers in either direction, or both.
lun mar mer jeu ven 11:45pm
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lun mar mer jeu ven 9:30am - 5pm
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I need to catch a ride with someone to San Diego every other weekend.
lun mar jeu ven 9am
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#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette #transportsencommun
Hello, I am currently in the San Tan Valley, but am willing to meet anywhere within the Phoenix area for the sake of convenience. I am only here in the first place to assist moving a good friend when his truck engine began having problems about a hundred miles out. The move has since been finished and I am ready to get back to the west coast, but the truck is no longer an option and I am vehemently opposed to Greyhound due past experiences. I am more than willing to share any and all costs of the trip. I consider myself to be quiet, respectful yet amiable. I do have a valid DL. I am traveling with a backpack, small carry-on, and a small cooler. I look forward to trying out this service. Thanks!

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