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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 4pm - 5pm
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Would love an occasional ride back and forth when schedules allow. Specifically from South Bay Area of Los Angeles to the Stockton/Sacramento CA area.. carpool   vanpool
Mon Tue Thu Fri Noon
Weekly Commute (One way)
I go down for classes on Monday (class at 4) and dont come home until Wednesday carpool   vanpool
In a carpool/vanpool, I'm I prefer to read the newspaper
TV watching habits are: Documentaries, Dramas, Movies, News junkie, Sitcoms
Language(s) spoken: English
Interests: Community service, Computers / Internet, Cooking, Dining, Family, Photography, Reading, Religion / spirituality
Sense of humor is usually: Campy / cheesy, Friendly
Situation: Married
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 8:15am
Weekly Commute (One way)
I am a University student who has moved back to Duncan for the summer where I have picked up a good job on top of volunteering. Due to these two things I would like to stay in Duncan and commute to classes. I am a very cheerful person and am more than willing to help cover any coffee runs or food stops made on the way. And of course i will provide gas money. carpool   vanpool
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7:45am - 7am
Weekly Commute (Return)
I need to get to college and taking the bart takes from alot of my time and carpooling would really help . carpool   vanpool
University Oshawa

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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 8am - 5pm
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carpool   vanpool

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University Oshawa

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