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covoiturage Okotoks Alberta Canada

Covoiturage Okotoks (AB) T1V 1M6 Lift Alberta covoiturage Okotoks Alberta Canada Covoiturage instantané. Gratuit. Pour le travail ou pour vos trajets ponctuels. Créez un site Internet de covoiturage pour votre groupe!
841,005,702 miles enregistré:
1,353,467,482 kilomètres enregistré:
453,153 mt CO2 enregistré:
51,064,646 Gallons enregistré:
193,300,714 Litres enregistré:
88,818 Voitures hors route
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Downtown Edmonton Canada Safeway Office Calgary Canadian blood service Edmonton nova chemicals joffre Foothills Hospital Calgary Precise Inc Nisku animethon edmonton Mount Royal University Calgary brick warehouse Edmonton Work Calgary Tim Hortons Fernie Evraz Red Deer nait Edmonton Mount Royal University Calgary Saddle Ridge Calgary Division No. 6
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We are two Belgian exchange students and we research a car to go to the University of Lethbridge on the 26 August . Our plane is landing at 5 P.M and we have to be at the University before 9 P.M . We have 2 bags each. Thank you :)
covoiturage   taxishare

Need to get from Terwillegar/Riverbend area to downtown (Commerce Place) every day. Either someone going downtown or who can drop off and pick up at an LRT stop (Century, Southgate, South Campus, U of A) would work.


Need ride from Cochrane to Edmonton on Friday afternoons and come back to Cochrane on Sunday afternoons

hi, i am going to edmoton from camrose, daily, i am leaving camrose by 6 am and back from work i leave edmonton by 5 pm

Just looking to either accept a ride or alternate days with someone commuting from Airdrie to Calgary to save on gas and vehicle costs. Steve 403-818-6648
Emploi À plein temps Ventes / marketing
Quand je fais du covoiturage, la plupart du temps, je suis Je préfère conduire en paix, Bon auditeur, Je m'occupe de mes affaires, Timide au début
Mon type d'émissions de télévision préférées est Drames, Films, Fou du Sport, Maniaque de la télécommande
Langues parlées Néerlandais
Loisirs: télévision, Activités en plein air, Faire du sport, Les sports à la télévision, Voyage
Sens de l'humour est habituellement Amical, Intelligent/ingénieux, Sarcastique
Ma situation Maritale Vie commune
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnetteCanada Safeway Office

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   télétravail   transports en commun

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   taxishare

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnetteCanadian blood service

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   transports en communnova chemicals

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   transports en commun

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette

Recently obtained a job at Foothills hospital for fhs summer only. Do not drive, but looking for someone to carpool with who would be willing to split costs for the commute. Please help me out. 18 year old female, smoker but not typically in cars.
covoiturageFoothills Hospital

I drive from SE Edmonton to Downtown M-F. Timings: 8:15 AM to 4:45 or 5:00 PM Please reply if interested. Thanks.

Hello, my name is Nathan and I recently just ran into some car issues. My wife and daughter rely on me being able to make it to work each day and unfortunately I am in a bit of a jam. My hours vary but tend to start at 7 am everyday, so all I would need is a ride out there, one way. I can find my own way home. Please respond and we can negotiate gas etc. Thank you so much in advance. Nathan
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnettePrecise Inc


I am looking for rides to Airdrie from Calgary (will gladly meet in the most convenient location), preferably arriving after 10am and departing sometime after 9:30pm. If you're available for even one of these time periods, please do not hesitate to contact me. Even if you're just going to crossiron, I can manage the rest of the trip on foot, so long as I don't have to roll out of bed at 6am to be three hours early for my shift, I'm happy.

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnettebrick warehouse

Hoping to find a carpool into the city!

Hello! My family is relocating from Calgary to Cochrane in June and my hope is to join a carpool (as a passenger only) to work at the UofC foothills campus. I would be happy to contribute to all costs and am very flexible with regard to ride timings, etc. I'm a considerate extovert: as chatty or quiet as others require :)
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnetteWork

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   télétravail   transports en commun

I have 4 days job in Tim Hortons & my schedule is 5am to 9am . So i need ride for those 4 days .
taxishareTim Hortons

Starting A job in joffre for flint, just need a drive there and back. not sure if I'll be staying in Red Deer or Sylan yet, but will be sure to change details. I am a first year pipefitter that is willing to obviously pitch on gas AND buy timmies every morning. Just need this experience to get hours in my blue book for school this October at SAIT
Emploi À plein temps
Quand je fais du covoiturage, la plupart du temps, je suis Back seat driver, Bon auditeur, Timide au début
Mon type d'émissions de télévision préférées est Documentaires, Films
Langues parlées En anglais
Loisirs: Ordinateurs/Internet, Écouter de la musique, Arts, Jeux, Lecture, Restaurants, Voyage
Sens de l'humour est habituellement Amical, Sarcastique
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I am looking for a ride to and from Evraz for work. It is located just outside of Red Deer going towards Blackfaulds.

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   transports en commun

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette

I can be contacted by e-mail at and return with a phone call
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnetteSaddle Ridge

covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   taxishare
Covoiturage, trajet journalier, voyagement occasionel, conducteur, passager, partagez la route. Rencontrez-vous au métro, au centre d'achat, au travail à la station de train, à la gare ou dans un stationnement. À partir de l'université ou du cégep, pour faire beaucoup de route ou se rendre au coin de la rue, pour partager une voiture ou prendre un taxi en commun. Trouvez un ou une partenaire de covoiturage pour voyager n'importe ou sur la planète. Partagez les coûts de voiyagement, et d'essence. Ce service est gratuit et permet de vous jumeler avec d'autres personnes qui sont intéressées à covoiturer pour économiser l'essence et sauver un peu de la couche d'ozone. C'est plus qu'un babillard.