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Shelburne → Charlestown
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I drive to Boston once a week from Burlington or Quechee. Looking to see if there is anyone else out there that commutes to Boston for work on a weekly schedule? My schedule is very flexible, so could work around someone else's schedule for Boston trips.
  2009 Mazda
Plattsburgh → Plattsburgh
♂ Male
I live in Plattsburgh, NY and I have been offered a job in Middlebury, VT. I understand not having a car in this situation is bonkers, but it's a darn good job. To start I'd be training in Essex or St. Albans and would eventually be working in Middlebury Mon-Thurs one week and Mon-Wed the next as it rotates. Its an overnight position.
South Burlington → Colchester

I work in Colchester and currently do not have a working car. Eventually I would be able to share the driving.
Montpelier → Burlington
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Bedford → Montréal
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Lyndonville → Hanover DHMC
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Hamilton → Hamilton
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