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Brandýs Nad Labem-stará Boleslav → Prague 3 Prague BSC
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Please Help! I am on a crazy journey from Scuba diving in Papua New Guinea to ..who knows where in Europe! My only fixed plan is to get to Colditz Castle where my grandfather was a POW for the 11/11th. I am a fun easy going person with a lot of life and adventure but this is something I would really like to do for my Father, and in memory of my grandfather. I fly into Prague early morning on easyjet the 10th as I will be coming straight from Papua so I know its a lot to ask but if there is anyone out there who can help me achieve getting there for 11/11 I would be eternally grateful. Life is a wonderful adventure so thank you in advance :)
Trabajo: uno mismo empleado otro
Durante el camino, soy una persona que me gusta arroje al principio, solamente calentamiento r&aa
Programas favoritos en la TV: documentaries
Idiomas hablados: Bislama, Inglés
Pasatiempo actividades al aire libre, cultivando un huerto, el mirar se divierte, fotografía, recorrido, televisión, Escuchando la música, Jugando música
Generalmente mi sentido del humor es: amistoso, listo/aprisa witted, obscurezca
Situación personal: solo
♀ Mujer No Fumador
♀ Mujer Fumador
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Hi I am an Australian scuba diver coming from several weeks at Sea in Papua New Guinea and need to get from Prague to Dresden and onto Colditz castle by the 11th. My reason and short time frame is my dive boat does not get back into Jakarta until early November but I have a very special reason to try to get to Colditz. My grandfather was a POW at Colditz until liberation. On November 11 at the 11minute of the 11th hour we Australians honour our soldiers with rememberance day. My grandfather has long since passed away but my father always meant to go to Colditz but he is now an old man in ill health who cannot make the journey but this would mean something very special to him and all of our family. I am on the Czech airways flight on the 10th early in the morning so have all day to get to Dresden then Colditz but I cannot find any train or bus combo that will get me to Colditz in time for the 11th. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful Thank you Cindy :)
Prague → Prague 3 Prague BSC
♀ Mujer No Fumador
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