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Moncton → Sackville
♂ Homme Non-Fumeur(euse)
Friendly companion! In serious need of commute from Moncton- Sackville. Attempting to return to work evenings and weekends student hours, as well as coach high school hockey.
♀ Femme Non-Fumeur(euse)
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Hi, I have an early flight to Calgary on the 28th. I am looking to leave moncton either in the afternoon or anytime around 4-5ishpm on the 27th. I am travelling with a foldable wheelchair and my crutches so getting in and out of cars/trucks is no problem. I will also have my sit ski that is about as high as a manual wheelchair.
Moncton Elmwood → Beaubassin East Employer
♀ Femme
Bouctouche → Moncton nbcc
♂ Homme
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