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lun mar mer jeu ven 7:15am - 5pm
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I am a software developer working in Frankfurt. I travel daily from Aarbergen to Frankfurt through A3 highway. I am working from Monday to Friday with one day as home office and it varies. I can drop you in Frankfurt Ostend, Schwedlerstraße.
#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette
lun mar mer jeu ven 2am - 10:45am
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We are a group of students planning to work this winter.
lun mar mer jeu ven 8am - 12:30pm
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Ich hoffe, du hast einen schönen Tag :) Ich kann dich in Neustadt abholen und dich, wo du möchtest, in Mannheim absetzen oder auch iwo dort auf dem Weg. Wenn du fragen hast, melde dich einfach :)
#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette #partageruntaxi
lun mar mer jeu ven 8:45am
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I have twisted my ankle and use crutches to walk. I should be walking for a month with crutches. Looking for a car to share.
#covoiturage #covoituragefourgonnette #télétravail
lun mar mer jeu ven 8am - 5:30pm
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Sometimes, I might have weird schedules where I may finish late due to unforeseen circumstances at work. Also, it would be lovely to be able to get a carpool with anyone available to do so as It would make transportation easier and also, make new friends.

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