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I am looking for some folks heading my way daily that like to drive. I would like to be a passenger and be willing to compensate the drivers.
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Grand Rapids

I just need a one way trip to john ball park in grand rapids... I work for the carnival and travel all summer for them.. I just need a ride from mount pleasant,mi to grand rapids THERE AINT ANY CERTAIN TIME JUST SOMETIME IN AFTERNOON.
Trabajo: a tiempo completo hospitalidad relacionada
Durante el camino, soy una persona que me gusta arroje al principio, solamente calentamiento r&aa, buen oyente, mente de I mi propio negocio
Programas favoritos en la TV: drogadicto de las noticias, películas, tolva del canal
Idiomas hablados: Inglés
Pasatiempo cocinando, cultivando un huerto, familia, Escuchando la música, Jugando música
Generalmente mi sentido del humor es: amistoso, listo/aprisa witted
Situación personal: solo
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I drive everyday to work. It would be great to find good company to share the ride with, and save on gas. Above all, I will be happy to help keep a car or two off the road. My car is very dependable, as am I asan employee. :)
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Hi , I'm a hairstylist , I've opened a salon Downtown and I'm staying with family in Tecumseh , till I can afford my own place Downtown ... I work everyday except Sundays ... My parents said they would drive me in occasionally but the odd ride share would be great .. SD
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I work every other weekend and I'm full time in Ann Arbor. Willing to drive everyday and splitting fuel costs or taking turns. Willing to make some exceptions to arrive at work earlier and leaving later depending.
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Looking for someone who needs a ride from Dublin OH to Easton Columbus OH

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I am looking for someone who is willing to drive to downtown chicago 3 days a week. The days might vary. Hopefully we can split the cost of it because I'm looking to save money by not taking public transportation. Let me know. The drive would be from Elmwood Park, IL to River North area downtown. Let me know if you are willing and how much it would cost.

Hi, I'm about to start a new position in Ann Arbor and looking for car pooling opportunities. Prefer to be a passenger so I can work on the commute :) but would be open to splitting driving duties as well. Can be flexible on start / end times. Thanks, Aaron
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I am in need of a Carpool from Asherton of Dublin to Nationwide, Downtown Columbus

Hello, My name is Jose and I am looking to carpool with reliable individuals who are heading to Waukeegan, Illinois as I do not have a car at the moment and the commute from Chicago to Waukeegan in public transportation is over 3 hours long! I am reliable, trustworthy, and problem free.
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Traverse City

Looking to share a ride as a passenger & will split gas money. Leaving April 28, or 29, 2014 leaving Chicago early a.m. & arriving Traverse City or somewhere near in Lelandau county. Please email me @ ybertaud@gmail.com

total there are 3 of us that are interested in sharing a ride.
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Just looking for a way to work, I work part time/on call at two different jobs so my hours are not the same from day to day.
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looking for a ride for only a month or two time for me to save and buy a new car.

Hi, starting a new job in Downers Grove and looking to share a ride with someone that works in my area for daily commute to and from work. I am a very easy going laid back friendly person.rr
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I am looking for transportation from my area in Lemont sometimes closer to destination,,and a way home similiar

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Comparte aventón, coche, conductor. Encuentra un paseo o comienza un club de viajeros. En contacto con otros que ofrecen los viajeros que necesitan o un paseo. Al trabajo, la unidad entre países, compartir un taxi o un taxi, alquilar un coche y dividir la gasolina y el desgaste costes. Encontrar una pareja ocasional, unidad de distancia o el uso de transporte público. Conocer gente en el parque y paseo, universidad, estación de tren, alameda de compras. Organizar un grupo de su comunidad, el lugar de trabajo o evento especial. Inicio de conducir el carril del carpool! Si usted necesita un viaje u ofrece a recoger a alguien en su camino. Encuentre el transporte a cualquier lugar en todo el mundo, compartir los costos de combustible y los peajes, comience vanpooling / ridesharing! Este es un servicio seguro gratis para que coincida con los socios que conmutan - más que un tablón de anuncios. Su ciudad no está en la lista? Vea otras ciudades o inicia sesión ahora para obtener un matchlist para su conmuta.