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covoiturage Sydney New South Wales Australie

Covoiturage Sydney (NSW) 2101 Lift New South Wales covoiturage Sydney New South Wales Australie Covoiturage instantané. Gratuit. Pour le travail ou pour vos trajets ponctuels. Créez un site Internet de covoiturage pour votre groupe!
797,462,819 miles enregistré:
1,283,392,004 kilomètres enregistré:
432,587 mt CO2 enregistré:
48,747,149 Gallons enregistré:
184,528,032 Litres enregistré:
84,787 Voitures hors route
Destinations récentes:
Y Hotel, Hyde Park Sydney Civic Canberra Bunnings Tuggerah Botanic Gardens Keiraville
Départs récents:
Swansea Swansea Crows Nest Wollstonecraft Wamberal Forresters Beach Yes Bella Vista

I drive to work daily.... middle cove to manly... happy to share

I drive a Volvo 850 with distinctive red pin stripe alloy wheels and bonnet artwork.
covoiturageY Hotel, Hyde Park

I would be interested in getting in touch with others who might be interested in sharing the commute between the Bay and Canberra Mon to Friday.

Also interested in a carpooling journey to Wyong station

Looking to carpool, either taking turns and/or splitting costs.

I only really need a lift to work and would accept anything around 5am to 7am, Thanks
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Hi I work at bunnings and would like to share the expenses the trip home is the most important much appreciated
covoiturage   taxishare   transports en communBunnings

I will travel every Tuesday evening 5,6 or 7 pm from Canberra to Eastwood or Eastern, Inner western or Northern area of Sydney.
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Every Monday morning at 9 am I have to be in Canberra from Eastwood. Return can be separate, as I will need to return after 6pm Tuesday from Canberra to Eastwood. Every week.
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1st Semester 2014 I will be driving to UOW & back every Thursday for a 9.30 start and finishing 3.30-40 and returning to Goulburn

I work at the Conservatorium which is inside the Botanic Gardens. It would suit someone going to the uni, too.
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   vélo   transports en communBotanic Gardens

on Friday i only need return from Bondi Junction

easy going scientist for health, windsurfer, beach volleyball players, like to share time with good fun people, and protect environment!
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Hi I live in Manly and begin a new job in Surry hills the 13 of january, and i would like to share the trip in the morning

Like to carpool. Prefer to drive. Happy to alter route as far as you are close by.

my car is sedan, reliable and cheap to run! (LPG)

Please call me.
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i need to be arrive at Barker st. Randwick anytime between 720am and 815am. Travelling early is better to beat the traffic and school zone speed limits. i finish at 330pm but am happy to wait in UNSW until others finish at 430 or 5. I can park a car i drive for free at Barker St. This may suit a UNSW student/staff or nurse/staff at the Hosptal.

The two of us need to go to Deakin ACT every Monday from Epping. WE also want to travel from Deakin/Curtin to Epping NSW every Thursday evening.
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Hi I am looking for a daily lift to Lisarow station early in the morning. I could meet on the Entrance Rd either near Forresters Beach, bateau Bay or Wamberal as I don't mind walking to meet up with someone. I am happy to share fuel cost.

I have great flexibility on hours but have used the hours above as a guide.

I travel to st Leonard's every day. Times are pretty flexible. Happy to share cost.
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Hi im looking for someone to bring my mother to sydney from killarney vale 3-4 per month and return. Im happy to pick her up from your destination. Times very flexible. I will pay 100% of fuel costs plus a fee

I travel to Canberra every Monday (except on public holiday Mondays) and levae Canberra at about 4pm on every Friday, arriving at Bella Vista at about 7:15pm
Covoiturage, trajet journalier, voyagement occasionel, conducteur, passager, partagez la route. Rencontrez-vous au métro, au centre d'achat, au travail à la station de train, à la gare ou dans un stationnement. À partir de l'université ou du cégep, pour faire beaucoup de route ou se rendre au coin de la rue, pour partager une voiture ou prendre un taxi en commun. Trouvez un ou une partenaire de covoiturage pour voyager n'importe ou sur la planète. Partagez les coûts de voiyagement, et d'essence. Ce service est gratuit et permet de vous jumeler avec d'autres personnes qui sont intéressées à covoiturer pour économiser l'essence et sauver un peu de la couche d'ozone. C'est plus qu'un babillard.