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Palmer → Anchorage
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I work for the Department Of Revenue in downtown anchorage and am looking to pay for a seat into anchorage.
Anchorage YMCA → Anchorage
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I am studend need ride from YMCA to home
Anchorage → Anchorage YMCA
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I am a student. I need I need a ride to my work place at YMCAfour miles away
Wasilla → Anchorage Providence extended care
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Looking just for the rest of the month to save cost p. I am new to wasilla anchorage.
Eagle River → Anchorage
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Good afternoon, I work for Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union and work in the old KTUU/Hooters Building on Tudor. I finish work at 6 pm M-F and am looking to join a car/van pool for rides home only. I live in Eagle River and am willing to walk home from the Eagle River exit if your willing to make a quick stop through on your way out to Wasilla. I would need to start this on Monday 3/16/15. Please let me know if you are able to accommodate. I appreciate your time. Thanks
Wasilla → Anchorage 673 MDG Hospital
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Wasilla → Anchorage DNR, State of Alaska
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Hello, my name is Craig and I work for the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources. My work days are regular Monday through Friday and Monday through Thursday on alternate weeks. My timings are 7 AM to 4 PM everyday and prefer to leave Wasilla at 6 AM on work days.
Emploi À plein temps Technique/science/technologie
Quand je fais du covoiturage, la plupart du temps, je suis Bon auditeur
Mon type d'émissions de télévision préférées est Films
Langues parlées En anglais
Loisirs: Écouter de la musique, Activités en plein air, Jeux, Lecture, Santé/forme physique, Voyage
Sens de l'humour est habituellement Amical, Intelligent/ingénieux
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