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Fort Wayne → Warsaw
♂ Homme Non-Fumeur(euse)
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Need rideshare from 11 May - 21st August (Monday-Friday)
Fort Wayne → Fort Wayne Frontier
♀ Femme Non-Fumeur(euse)
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Fort Wayne Southbridge Apartments → Roanoke 2nd shift worker @ GM
♀ Femme
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette
Hello, I am desperately in need of someone looking to carpool to and from work that works 2nd shift at the GM plant and lives in, near or passes by my area. I am more than willing to pay a weekly amount for fuel or what not. Thank you in advance!
Emploi À plein temps
Quand je fais du covoiturage, la plupart du temps, je suis Je préfère conduire en paix, Je m'occupe de mes affaires, Timide au début
Langues parlées Néerlandais
Sens de l'humour est habituellement Amical
Muncie → Indianapolis
♀ Femme
I am a BSU student, student teaching in Indy. I do not have a car and need a ride. More than willing to pay gas.
Noblesville The Bluffs Condominiums → Indianapolis
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Frontier Fort Wayne 2nd shift worker @ GM Roanoke
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Southbridge Apartments Fort Wayne The Bluffs Condominiums Noblesville