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Hi, I'm looking for sharing a ride/ carpooling starting 14 Aug from the address mentioned above. I'm ready to share the ride expenses ( gas). If its not possible to offer me both trips , I'm happy even to share the one way of the ride. I can arrange myselves for the other ride. carpool   vanpool   taxishare
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7:15am - 4pm
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Sat Sun 8am - 4:30pm
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I need a ride to work Monday-Friday until I buy a new car. carpool   vanpool   walk   take mass transportation
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 9am - 5pm
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I am willing to pay for gas money. carpool
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7:30am - 4pm
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I do not drive and I am in need of a ride from my home to work and ride to my home after work. carpool
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 8:45am - 4:30pm
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Driver or passenger
Mon Wed Thu Fri 7:30am - 5:15pm
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Need Carpool partner till South duval street. carpool

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Second Chance School Tallahassee

Fdep Tallahassee

Summit Lake Drive Tallahassee

Schoolhouse Road Tallahassee

Duval Street Tallahassee

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Old Saint Augustine Road Tallahassee

Off Of Ace High Stable Road Crawfordville

East Call Street Tallahassee

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