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Hello, my husband, Cairo, needs a ride to and/or from work in Thomasville because right now we do not have transportation yet. Please help! We have three children and he only needs a ride for about one to two weeks. carpool   vanpool
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I am a Corporate professional female looking to be a passenger to carpool to Jacksonville Florida! Or possibly St. Augustine Florida. I have great references! I travel weekly and I am looking to find alternative ways to travel other than my current workings! carpool
Employment status: Full time Sales / marketing
In a carpool/vanpool, I'm Good listener, I prefer to read the newspaper
TV watching habits are: Channel hopper, Documentaries, Movies, News junkie, Soaps, soaps, soaps
Interests: Cooking, Outdoor activities, Photography, Reading, Travel, Watching sports
Sense of humor is usually: Friendly
Situation: Single

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