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I just need transportation area the Columbia Mo area. I am new in town and need help getting to interviews carpool   vanpool   take mass transportation
Mon Tue Wed Thu 6am
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I am 41 years old female friendly carpool
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 8am - 5pm
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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 9am - 5pm
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Just trying to visit friends in Peoria, if you're going anywhere even close they could meet me! carpool   vanpool
2pm - 5pm
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Ride to Kansas City Airport. One way trip carpool
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7:30am - 4:30pm
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Needing reliable carpooling to and from work. Can pay cost of gas on Fridays. carpool
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 6:45am - 4pm
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Work at Truman Building 730/4 live by west school and park .can be early 6am if that works carpool
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 6:30am - 4pm
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I am looking for a reliable ride back and forth from home to work and back.I am up for helping out with gas money with each paycheck no problem carpool
Driver or passenger
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 7:45am - 5pm
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I drive a '97 Honda Prelude SH. It comfortably seats 2 (including the driver) but it does have small back seats. Very small with very little leg room. It is Hondas late 90's sports car and it rides and drives like that. It gets about 25-27 mpg but requires 91 or 93 octane fuel. As of right now it's about $2.60 a gallon. Split costs, calculated off of 26mg, would be $2.20 a day. That's a 50/50 split for fuel. If you want to experience riding in one of the highest end economy sports cars that Honda made to and from work at the Truman Building, let me know. carpool
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 9am - 6pm
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carpool   take mass transportation
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 9:30am - 7pm
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I just got hired and my vehicle needs some work. I need to get to Jeff City for 60 days training and then after that for work. It is an odd time for training at 10a-7pm. After that I will have a schedule from 11a- 8 pm. I just need to find someone I can ride with until my vehicle is repaired. I prefer a non smoker that wears their seatbelt. I have to be on time to so I set the arrival time as 9:30 due to the construction. carpool

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