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covoiturage Bradenton → Myakka City Florida États-Unis

Covoiturage Bradenton 34207 → Myakka City (FL) 34251 Lift Florida covoiturage Bradenton → Myakka City Florida États-Unis Covoiturage instantané. Gratuit. Pour le travail ou pour vos trajets ponctuels. Créez un site Internet de covoiturage pour votre groupe!
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I only have one household vehicle and my girlfriend takes our car to work going north on I-75, so I am hoping to find someone who would like company and help with gas. I might be able to drive some days... or work something out with an alternate driving schedule.
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Download the lyft app and get a free first ride. Easy and enjoy the commute. *Limited 25 bucks!*
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Just graduated FSU and working hard at my first big boy job and should have a car soon but with no family support whatsoever it isn't something I can do right now. I will do anything and everything to make this carpool as easy as possible for driver and pay whatever is asked. Apt is right before Howard Franklin Bridge on 4th and I will be on that road ready to hop in daily, no turn in's to any complexes necessary. Thanks so much for any help
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette550 REO Office Building- Off Cypress Westbound After I-275 on ramp

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I am a 37 year old single mother of 3 and have been unable to carry car insurance due to recent unemployment. I've started a new job, but need a ride to work for a few weeks until I'm able to afford insurance again. I'm looking for transportation from Valrico (Lithia Pinecrest and Bloomingdale area) to Brandon (Lumsden and Gornto Lake area) Mon-Thurs. I need to arrive no later than 9a, but can arrive anytime earlier. Please contact me if this time / location(s) are convenient for your commute.

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I will need to carpool twice on those three days, since l also work a 12 hour shift job (7pm-7am) in Suncity.
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I just moved to largo and got a new job!!! i am looking to acquire my next vehicle shortly. I will provide gas, good music and company!!
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I just started a new job and now my car is down. I am in need of a ride to and from work until I am able to get my car fix. I am willing to pay for gas.
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I drive from the Safety Harbor area to the Westshore office market every weekday. I'm interested in splitting costs for my commute, maintenance, etc.

Hours can be changed.
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnetteMacDill AFB

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I am looking for a carpool to work. Very friendly and willgive notice prior to any changes. Just need a little help :)
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnetteWork, nielsen building

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I work in clearwater. I need a ride from Tampa, USF area to Clearwater. Can split fuel cost.
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Successful, corporate executive needing a commute arrangement for 6 months. *I am willing to pay $75 week* for extremely reliable commuting in a clean, newer model, executive type car. I need to leave very early but can be flexible about pick-up time on day-to-day basis. I am a non-smoker, wear a suit most days, clean, well-mannered and can hold a nice conversation. Carpooling with someone enjoying classical or smooth jazz would be a nice bonus.
Emploi À plein temps Direction/gestion
Quand je fais du covoiturage, la plupart du temps, je suis Bon auditeur, Je m'occupe de mes affaires, Timide au début
Ma situation Maritale Divorcé (e)
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnetteWaterford Plaza / Rocky Point

i am starting at hsn on monday june 2nd and i want to find a person to carpool with.

I have to travel from Tampa-St petersburg everyday due to work. I am a student and looking to share expenses. Please contact me if anyone are willing to give me a ride
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I am saving up to get my own transportation but I just started this job and this is my training schedule my regular schedule will be 12:45pm- 9:15pm I will probably at least need to do this for a month.
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnettethink direct marketing

I am an 18 year old male that desperately needs a ride to and from work everyday. I am saving for my own car, but need transportation in the mean time. I am willing to pay for the gas everyday on a weekly or daily basis. Whatever is required, I will do. I don't care if you are a smoker or not. I am, but will not smoke in your vehicle unless OK with you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I need a ride at least 2 times a week to meet my carpool for the trip down to Sarasota for work. It is very early in the morning, so there is no bus that gets me where I need to be when I need to be there. We would have to leave my house or pick-up point by 5:10 AM at the latest as I have to get to the pick up point by 5:30 AM. The return trip is not as important because I can take the bus, but if you'd want to and are able to do that, then that would be great as well. Thank you.
covoiturage   covoiturage par fourgonnette   taxishareEuclid Place / St Paul

I need a ride from Clearwater to Westshore area in Tampa Monday - Friday, from either 8, 8:30, or 9 am to start and 4, 4:30, or 5 to be taken back home. Can discuss prices/rates. Temporary basis, maybe 1 month. My car broke down and waiting on my tax return.
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Covoiturage, trajet journalier, voyagement occasionel, conducteur, passager, partagez la route. Rencontrez-vous au métro, au centre d'achat, au travail à la station de train, à la gare ou dans un stationnement. À partir de l'université ou du cégep, pour faire beaucoup de route ou se rendre au coin de la rue, pour partager une voiture ou prendre un taxi en commun. Trouvez un ou une partenaire de covoiturage pour voyager n'importe ou sur la planète. Partagez les coûts de voiyagement, et d'essence. Ce service est gratuit et permet de vous jumeler avec d'autres personnes qui sont intéressées à covoiturer pour économiser l'essence et sauver un peu de la couche d'ozone. C'est plus qu'un babillard.