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Our mission

Connecting travelers everywhere to save money and reduce environmental impacts by sharing their transportation for similar and compatible journeys.

What is CarpoolWorld?

CarpoolWorld is an Internet web site that provides on-line real-time trip-matching services. Users enter the street addresses of their origins (homes) and destinations (places of work), and the system shows them a list and map of similar trips from other users. The users contact each other by phone or e-mail to make ride-sharing arrangements. The service is designed for regular commuters as well as for occasional travelers.

CarpoolWorld provides an unlimited free world-wide trip matching service for individual public use.

CarpoolWorld also provides group services for any business, municipality, school, or other institution that wishes to co-brand and administer its own carpool matching web site. CarpoolWorld offers free groups with basic features, standard and premium groups with advanced features to manage a comprehensive carpooling program.

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Carpoolworld.com was developed by Max Fox and Isabelle Boulard in 2000.
The partners are CEO and CIO of Datasphere Corporation.


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